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Monday, November 22, 2021 02:06am HST

Maui Film Festival's final night of showings is tonight! For tickets: Closing tonight’s festival is Descent by Nays Baghai. The film is about Kiki Bosch, a professional Dutch ice freediver. She dives into the world’s most freezing waters on a single breath and without a wetsuit, from the iceberg fjords of Greenland to the frozen lakes of Finland. Kiki discovered the healing effect of cold water immersion after experiencing the debilitating trauma of being raped. She has pushed her physical and psychological limits to overcome her scars and break boundaries that most people can barely imagine. She now travels across the world and inspires others to harness the power of the cold for their own healing. #MauiFilmFestival #MauiArts #MauiEntertainment Maui Film Festival